Hello everyone.  Thank you for taking an interest in my passion.  I’m not going to bore you with trivial information about where I went to school or anything like that.  Instead I’m going to offer something that hopefully you will actually find interesting. 

I like a lot of older fashion things.  Although I understand the need for machines to mass produce I still miss the idea of items being hand crafted, I love my typewriter, I like record players, I prefer watching movies on DVD or Blu-ray rather than stream (Mostly because I like the behind the scenes stuff), and I love older music.  For all you young people, I don’t consider the 90’s old.  I’m talking 50’s and 60’s which is even before my time.  It’s a shame, I would have loved to see Bobby Darin live.

I never thought I would become a writer.  For a good part of my life I actually avoided it because I have always been horrible with grammar.  When I was eighteen I started to really get into comics and wanted to write my own.  It started out just as a hobby but I was beginning to love it more and more.

One day I was at the mall with my mom and I suddenly felt this urge to write.  My ideas were calling, yelling, demanding that I attend to them immediately. (Most likely only other writers will understand what I’m saying.)  Neither my mom nor I had a pen and this was before smart phones.  So I spent my last three dollars buying a ridiculously over priced Disney princess pen then went to the food court to write on napkins.  That’s when I knew…


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